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Steam bag - tobacco bag

Our handmade tobacco bag is a practical and indispensable smoking device.

Anyone who turns their own cigarettes will appreciate this useful bag. All utensils you need to turn yourself have here at one point. The rotary tobacco can be fully integrated with the packaging, so it always stays fresh. The filters are well stowed in the small zipped compartment and the papers can either be placed in the pocket or removed from the quick access paper compartment, depending on the model. Even your lighter finds its place here. You can close your tobacco bag with a flexible rubber band, so that nothing gets lost on the go.

Our tobacco bags are made by hand and with a lot of love.


Key data: Steam bag - tobacco bag


  •     Tobacco bag in anthracite with embroidery lettering "Dampfbeutel"
  •     Everything you need to spin yourself is at hand
  •     With a size of about 16 cm x 20 cm, the opened tobacco package (30 g - 35 g) fits perfectly into your favorite brand, plus all the other accessories
  •     good stowable in bags and backpacks
  •     with environmentally friendly, natural gift wrap


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